Are you a creative entrepreneur?

Do you need help in focusing on projects? Do you want to scale the business but unsure of how? Do you crave for space to capture ideas and aligned actions?

This is the tool for you.

As creative entrepreneurs, we have been on a look-out for planners to meet our needs. We wanted to have a space to capture and combine big vision and aligned actions all in one space but current planners in the market are mainly focused as daily agendas or journals.
Understanding the special needs of creative entrepreneurs in capturing ideas and making them visible, we decided to come up with the The 90 Day Action Planner – to help us keep track of the direction we are going from our big vision to our daily actions.
At Co.LAB we believe in aligning our actions to support our big audacious goals. We also believe that to do that we would need to make our ideas be visible and hold ourselves accountable for our desired outcomes. Having goals and clear vision in business is essential, but oftentimes it is the “getting things done” that hampers our growth in our business.
Planning for 3-5 years can get overwhelming and oftentimes lead to inaction. This is the reason why we created The 90 Days Action Planner to support you in accomplishing the goals that you set out for yourself within a reasonable time frame. It is a compact, to the point and helpful planner to get you productive and reaching goals in your business.
What is unique about The 90 Day Action Planner is the clarity it can help you in setting your goals for your business, connecting you to your core needs, evaluating obstacles, plotting your actions and creating a support system that can anchor you in reaching your goals.

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How does The 90 Day Action Planner work

The 90 Days Action Planner is divided into 4 parts:

Reconnect + Envision

Reconnecting To Your Vision:
Cast Your Vision
Make Your Core Values Visible
Get Clarity with Your Mission
Write Your Manifesto
Analyze your business
Identify Your Circles of Connection

Assess + Plan

Getting from Ideas to Action with
Our ABC Goal Setting Process:

Assess Your Activities/Ideas/Projects
Braindump Your Way to Clarity
Classify your 3 primary goals 
Chunk your aligned actions

Act + Celebrate

Planning, Assessing and Celebrating Your 90 Days:
Monthly Overview
Weekly Braindump
Daily Progress
End of Week Check-in
Assessment and Celebration Wheel

Reflect + Make space

Your Next Big Projects and Notes:
A space to capture your thoughts, ideas, collaborations


The 90 Day Action Planner is now available to order on Kickstarter.

Who we are

We are Eleonora and Lana, two creative entrepreneurs who were on a look-out for the perfect planner to accompany our big goals and aspirations. Together we form Co.LAB, a growing community for creative entrepreneurs to connect, share and grow together.
Our mission is to help creative entrepreneurs thrive, scale and be fully engaged in their creative businesses. We offer free and paid community membership programs wherein we provide trainings, business tools, and consultancy services on topics related to branding, sales and marketing, and community building.
We created The 90 Day Action Planner to help creative entrepreneurs to make great things happen using backed-by science tools and strategies for action planning.

Eleonora Spagnuolo

Branding & Communication Strategist

Lana Jelenjev

Content & Community Alchemist

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