This 3 part online training covers one crucial part of The 90 Day Action Planning Method: ALIGNMENT.

It is intended for individuals who are searching for their life compass. Those who want more out of life but have troubles getting clarity on their internal motivators.

In this interactive and highly reflective workshops we will look at three aspects of your life and business: Your life motivation (what I want to get out of life), your business motivation (What I want to get out of my business) and your circles of connection (people you want in your life/business).

Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is the engine that moves you day to day.

It is your compass in aligning your actions with our deeply held values and needs. It is not focused on one outcome alone, rather it is the act of constantly matching your outer life with the vision you have of yourself. You can call it in many ways: your life philosophy, your ultimate goal, your higher end vision.

Your Business Vision

Your business vision is the long distance view of your work goals.

If your life purpose is your compass, you can consider your business vision as a map to help you take the right direction when you make decisions. If you have a clear idea of where you want to go, even when you take a step that falls shorter than expected, at least you will be progressing in the right direction.

Your Supporters

Your supporters are the people you can count on to make things happen.

You are not alone in your life and work. The people you surround yourself with will have a great impact on your business. It is crucial to take the time to look at your daily interactions: Who are the people that you connect with? Who are the people you would like to connect with? This includes your dream clients!

Our intentions for these online trainings is to:

  • Share with you tools that you can use to evaluate your life purpose using our 3P system: Potential, Passion and Perseverance.
  • Guide you to clarity with your business vision and mission.
  • Identity anchors in your life that can support you in accomplishing your goals and aspirations: these are the people in your Circles of Connection.

When will these workshops be held:

In Alignment with Yourself

November 9th

8.00-9.30 pm (CET)

In the Co.LAB Community

In Alignment with Your Business

November 16th

8.00-9.30 pm (CET)

In the Co.LAB Community

In Alignment with Your Connections

November 23th

8.00-9.30 pm (CET)

In the Co.LAB Community

The 90 Day Action Planner

Our method is embodied in The 90 Day Action Planner, that is now available on Kickstarter!

We know you bought one million planners before, and you never really used them. We did too. But this is not like any other planners you never got to use. 

The 90 Day Action Planner introduces you to a method to define your main goals, from your life purpose, to your long term vision for your business, all down to the actions you need to take every day to make great things happen. No space for to-do lists or daily chores. It allows space only for the actions that will bring you closer to your vision: those are the important step that you really need to take and we will make sure you do. 

Because this is a book, a full training and 90 days of support, all in a compact package. 

Yes, it is not just the book you are buying. Together with the book, you will get a full training on how to use The 90 Day Action Planner, to set you in action right away. Then you will have our support for 90 days – January-March 2018 – through The 90 Day Action Planner Challenge, where we deliver tips and strategies in your mailbox to keep you moving forward with your creative ideas. 

Who is this workshop series for?

People who don't feel the pull to reflect deeper on their life purpose. People who are not questioning their impact and their presence with those around them. People who do not find the need to understand themselves better. People who are not curious on how to build on their connections.

It is not for …

This workshop series is for individuals who would like to feel connected to their internal compass. People who are eager to move through life in alignment with their inner vision of themselves and how they can express it in their outer world. People who are ready to do the work in delving deeper to one’s intentions and aspirations. People who are willing to explore how they can attract the people they want in their lives/business.

What you will get out of these online trainings:

Aside from the work we will be doing during the online trainings, you will also get:

Downloadable PDF copies of the worksheets  |  Membership to Co.LAB Community in Facebook where we can continue the conversations  |  Access to the FB Live video recordings that will be in the FB community


The 90 Day Action Planner is now available to order on Kickstarter.

Who we are

We are Eleonora and Lana, two creative entrepreneurs who were on a look-out for the perfect planner to accompany our big goals and aspirations. Together we form Co.LAB, a growing community for creative entrepreneurs to connect, share and grow together.
Our mission is to help creative entrepreneurs thrive, scale and be fully engaged in their creative businesses. We offer free and paid community membership programs wherein we provide trainings, business tools, and consultancy services on topics related to branding, sales and marketing, and community building.
We created The 90 Day Action Planner to help creative entrepreneurs to make great things happen using backed-by science tools and strategies for action planning.

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