Plan your next 90 Days:

Go from Idea to Aligned Actions in 3 Easy Steps

As a creative entrepreneur, you are always generating new, exciting ideas, and can feel stuck on how to bring them to life.

The Co.LAB method is designed to guide you in mapping out your ideas and focus on what to implement now.

In this one-hour live stream, Co.LAB co-founder Lana Jelenjev will share with us the crucial steps in planning for a project or tasks using the ABC formula:


Write down all the projects and activities that you are doing now according to where they are in the thermometer.


Braindump all the HOT activities and projects that you want to pursue in the next 90 days.


Identify which project to focus on first, focusing on the few projects that will produce the most leverage for your business.

Get now your PLANNING WORKBOOK that is a crucial part of the Co.LAB method and of our 90 Day Action Planner, and join us in the Co.LAB Facebook Community for the LIVE training on going From Idea to Aligned Actions in 3 Easy Steps, on September 7 & 14 from 20:00-21:00!