If you could create your day in the manner that resonate the most with you, how will your day look and feel like?

As creative entrepreneurs we juggle a lot of roles in our business and in our personal lives. We often find ourselves living life by default instead of by design.

Going through the day being more reactive than proactive on how we want to fully engage in life is a deep intention, but how do we go about it?

In this one-hour live stream, Co.LAB co-founder Lana Jelenjev will share with us the V-C-R strategy that you can use to:

Visualize Your Ideal Day

Chart Your Zones of Engagement

Restructure Your Day for Full Productivity

Our trainer:

Lana Jelenjev is one of the co-founders of Co.LAB, and a Content & Community Alchemist. Her background in Family Life and Child Development along with her certifications on Gifted and Talented Education, Reading Instruction and Making Thinking Visible has shaped her passion on creating a culture of learning and engagement.

Get now your PLAN YOUR DAY FOR FULL ENGAGEMENT WORKBOOK, and join us in the Co.LAB Facebook Community for the LIVE training on September 22 from 8:00 to 9:00 PM (CEST)!